Hello! I am so thrilled you found our page. However you got here, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve you the best of West Coast vibes and styles for your little ones, from babies to teens, and even for adults who love to coordinate with their favorite little humans. Let's introduce ourselves. Elle is my daughter and the muse behind our brand. When the idea came to launch Elle from LA, it was years in the making, or should I say, dreaming.

I've been immersed in the fashion industry since I was 18. My journey began with a degree in Fashion Design, followed by several internships. I started by making swimsuits for myself, which soon evolved into a bikini line. My designs caught the attention of celebrities and models, marking the start of a thrilling adventure. However, life threw some curveballs, and I found myself stepping away from my swim line. I explored various roles in the fashion world, from managing a retail store to working as a personal shopper and stylist.

Motherhood, however, was the most transformative role I've ever had. Dressing my baby Elle brought an indescribable joy, turning heads and brightening days with her outfits. It wasn't always easy to find the right looks; even shopping for a simple basic tee felt like a chore. This challenge fueled my dream of one day opening my own store, a place where I could bring cool brands and unique clothing to others who shared my passion.

After a divorce and the transition to being a single mom, I took a leap of faith. In 2022, Elle from LA was born—an incredible journey from dream to reality. Initially, an online store seemed the logical step, but it felt impersonal. I longed for real-life interactions, to meet and dress our customers personally. However, with the demands of school, extracurricular activities, and single motherhood, a brick-and-mortar store seemed daunting. Then, the idea of a mobile boutique caught my imagination. A step van transformed into a tiny mobile boutique was the perfect solution, allowing us to be anywhere, anytime—from parties and school events to concerts.

This journey has been amazing, and I'm beyond thankful to share it with you, to tell you my story. Elle from LA is a one-person shop, owned and run by me. I cherish the opportunity to meet or connect with you. Whether through text messages or phone calls, I want to be your fashion friend. There's nothing more gratifying than hearing how much you or your child loves what you've purchased from us. We embody LA, and we're excited to show you what LA is about and how we live it every day.

I share our life and adventures on Instagram and hope you'll follow along. Thank you for being here and finding us. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to bring a piece of LA into your life.